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4 Different Hairstyles Using A Perm Rod

4 Different Hairstyles Using A Perm Rod

Hair-styles using a Perm Rod are the perfect way to achieve a glamorous look. With just a little manipulation, you can enhance your current look into something more. Perms with a Rod are a perfect way to rejoice the 80’s and these iconic hairstyles. A few tips before you use the rods to make yourself look like the goddess that you are:

  • Remember it is a good idea to have wash and clean your hair before you start making a hairstyle with the rod.
  • ¬†The second step would be to section your hair in order to get the perfect voluptuous curls.
  • ¬†Another great tip for hair-styling your hair with a rod is to de-tangle completely. Used a suitable hair conditioner for this step.
  • Make sure to use a good setting lotion to keep your hairstyle in place.
  • Lastly, before you remove the rods make sure to let your hair dry completely. Use a hair dryer on the lowest setting if need be.

Once you achieve the perms using your rods, it time to look into a hairstyle. Here are some exquisite hairstyles that make the perms look even more elegant than they already are. The hairstyles vary from long to short hair so stay tuned as we go through with each one.

Hairstyle Using A Perm Rod #1

This first one is as simple as it gets. As soon as you take your perm rods out, just give your hair a little shake. Run your fingers through those beautiful locks only once or twice. It will give you the perfect, ‘this hairdo? it only took my 5 minutes’ look. This look gives you a professional yet stylish vibe.


Hairstyle Using A Perm Rod #2

This one requires a little more effort but it looks absolutely beautiful. It makes you look young and super cute; therefore, it is the look for formal events. It gives off a neat and tidy vibe. Just section a part of your hair and form braids extending towards the beautiful curls at the back.

Hairstyle Using A Perm Rod #3

There are plenty of hairstyles that can work after you curl your hair with a perm rod but this hairstyle is a show stopper. It is an up-do with just a little bit of those curl hanging out. Its neat and gives you a bougie vibe. It makes you look like you just walked off the red carpet. Absolutely perfect for formal events as well as casual dinner dates.

Hairstyle Using A Perm Rod #4

This one is especially for ladies with specific haircuts and styles. It it like a crown of perfectly aligned braids with half of your curl hanging out. It has stylish and hardcore. it makes you look fierce and bold. This is the perfect look for concerts and night parties. Anything that makes you want to express your girl power.

Here it is girls, 4 different hairstyles to make you look even more beautiful than you already are. Just whip out your perming rods and get styling and become the talk of the party.