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4 Short Crochet Hair Styles That You Will Fall In Love With

For The Love Of Short Crochet

Summer has arrived and with it a love for short crochet hair and short crochet hair styles. Every one of us wants style but with it we also want comfort and crochet hair will provide both things. Here we have a list of the top 4 short crochet hair styles which work best with anything you might want to wear on that hot summers day. Just tale a look! You are sure to fall in love with at least one of these styles.

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#1 Loose Crochet Curls

Now imagine some gorgeous loose curls, simply falling around your face. Nothing tight or elaborate, just some bouncy curls loosely hanging around. This hairstyle is perfect for a casual day out or a stay in. Wear a summer dress, some ballet flats, light makeup and this hair style is the best choice you will make. The pictures you take will certainly be quite aesthetic.

Crochet hair using gogo curl by freetress IG: @divacrochet | Weave ...

#2 Layered Curly Crochet

This hair style is good for a formal affair or if you are in the mood to look your best at all times. The layered cut, paired with some bouncy crochet curls is exactly what you need when you need to wow the crowd. You could even do something a little extra by adding in some colored crochet extensions. Maybe a popping purple or magnificent red? Whatever color you think will suit  you best. Here is an advice though, go for some popping and contrasting colors! They will be sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

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#3 Brazilian Crochet Bob

Now this particular hair style is for all those ladies who don’t want a lot of volume in their hair. This short hair style consists of some light yet tight curls which fall sweetly around your face in an artful bob. The Brazilian crochet bob cut is one that is quite popular this year. Women all around the world are asking for it. You could have some fun with it and add in some colors but in the end you will have a graceful style that you will never regret.

Braidless Crochet | Authentic Brazilian Twist | Samsbeauty.com ...

#4 Asymmetrical Crochet Short Bob

Last but not least in our list of ‘To die for short crochet hair styles’ is the asymmetrical crochet bob. This style is perfect if you want the trendy outlook. Its’ new and improved. The crochet extensions will give you the volume you need, you could play around with some colors or add in a few curls as well. Its’ up to you to decide.

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