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4 Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Styles That Are Inspiration Worthy

What Is The Goddess Loc Style? Whats’ So Special About It?

Before we tell you about the 4 best Goddess locs Crochet hair styles, here is a little information about Goddess Locs Style. This particular style is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves long hair. Its’ a spring of beautiful locs gathering soulfully around your chest. You might decorate them with various baubles, and embellishments or decorate them using different colored crochet Goddess Loc strands. Here are some Goddess loc Styles with crochet hair that you must try, just take a look for some inspiration and have fun experimenting with hair styles.

4 Goddess Locs Crochet Hair styles


Passion twists and box braids are the most common crochet hairstyles that you will find. But what happens when you’re confused between the two? Do yourself a favor and just make use of the Goddess locs crochet hair, which is a beautiful mix of the box braid and passion twist style.


Goddess locs look quite beautiful when pulled up into a top knot. Make it a little more graceful by leaving some strands of the crochet hair loose and free. You could ass some embellishments in the top know, wear some gorgeous earrings and you are ready for the day or a night out on the town.


The Goddess Locs look amazing with some space buns or two top knots with open hair. The free-flowing hair, with two buns on top of your head look quite angelic. A cross between a mature visage and an angel from above.


You could even use the Goddess locs in a short shoulder bob. These locs have the amazing ability to look great in any length of hair. Although mostly used as a protective layering of long hair, it can still look great for short hair as well.