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4 Hairstyles For Straight Crochet Hair

The Benefits Of Straight Crochet Hair

There are so many products and things that have been created to put into or design your hair with. From straightening rods to curling irons and everything in between. These products are there to make our hair look beautiful. The problem is though, that in the long run these same products actually cause quite a lot damage. So what do we do In This scenario? Well, the answer is simple why not just use crochet hair?

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The crochet hair will work as a protective covering for your natural hair and there are so many straight crochet hairstyles that you can easily make up. It is the same as molding your natural hair into different styles. Just in this scenario you will have more volume and hair to work with. You can now create the styles you only dreamed about in your hair quite easily. Here are some hairstyles that you can make.

4 Straight Crochet Hairstyles

Check it out! And if you see anything you like, definitely try it out. These are just the top 4 styles that are an absolute must try for Straight crochet hair, but there are so many more out there in the world, just waiting for you to start your experimentation.

Long Crochet Straight Hairstyles

The long crochet straight hair is the most basic hairstyle that you could go for. It’s easy to accomplish and looks absolutely fabulous. You don’t even have to do much to achieve a great look with this. And once it’s done you’ll be ready for anything.

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Crochet Braids With Straight Crochet Hair

If you’re in the mood to do something different with your straight crochet hair, try putting in some crochet braids. There are so many crochet braid styles that you can make, either yourself or with help from a stylist. Just pick something that works and find the best look for yourself.

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Ponytail Straight Crochet Hair

If you’re feeling the heat or you just don’t like the hair touching your neck, pull your straight crochet hair up into a pony tail. To make it funky and fun, you can add in some cool crochet braids. The various crochet styles will make you the envy of many.

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Kinky Straight Crochet Hair

Last but not least in our list of Straight crochet hairstyles that you must try is the Kinky straight crochet hairstyle. This is the hairstyle you make when you want to go the extra mile. When you want, everyone else to just keep staring and not be able to keep their eyes off of you. It’s fun, easy and absolutely fabulous.

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