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6 Crochet Hairstyles For Kids

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Every parent wants their kid to have the cutest hairstyle. They want their kid to be the most adorable person in the room. They want their kid to be well-put together and flawless. But which hairstyle should they choose? There are so many! And we can not use the same hairstyle that always works on our kid. We want to try something different and nothing is more different and fabulous than crochet hair.

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A Little Detail About Crochet Hairstyles…

Crochet hair is a protective covering that you can easily attach on top of your natural hair. You can either ask your stylist to do it or you can do it yourself after reading up on some well-written instructions. Don’t worry! Crochet is not difficult to care for. It’s actually quite easy if you have the right products and if you moisturize properly as well. If you are ready to try out the crochet hairstyles for your children, here are some kids crochet hairstyles that are absolutely adorable.

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6 Kids Crochet Hairstyles That You Will Love

6 Crochet hairstyles you know you will love!

1. Crochet Box Braids

Box braids are the simplest style that you could ever make with crochet hair. They are simple yet effective in the way of perfection. But since these box braids are being made in a child’s hair, put in something cute or funky to make it look fun. You could add in some beads, or flowers. Help give the box braids a softer look.

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2. Large Twist Crochet Style

Since a child’s neck is not capable of handling a lot of crochet at the same time. This is why, a kid can’t have some of the more complicated crochet hairstyles. But if you want your kid to have something different in her hair, then try these large twists. They are voluminous yet not so heavy as to overburden the kid.

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3. Thin Twists Crochet Braids Style

If you don’t feel like the large twists are what your child needs in their hair, then experts say you should try thin twists. They are not heavy at all and they give off a very minute and graceful look. They are absolutely suitable for your kids small and adorable head. It’s up to you to choose the length of crochet hair and then just take your time attaching them. After all perfection takes time.

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4. Natural Curl Crochet Braids

Is your kids’ hair a little on the thin and wispy side? And do you wish to add a little volume to it without having to braid it? Then just go ahead and attach some naturally curled crochet braids on to your hair. You don’t have to twist this hair into any kind of specific style, all you need to do is attach it, comb out a few extensions and voila! Your kid is ready.

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5. Senegalese Crochet Braid Twist Style

Senegalese twists are becoming famous all around the world, and it is no wonder! These twists are absolutely gorgeous. They look phenomenal on adults and so adorable on kids. Although, make sure that your kid is not uncomfortable with this style of hair. It’s a little heavy and your child might feel weary after a while.

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6. Havana Mambo Crochet Twist Style

Last but certainly not least in our list of style is the Havana Mambo Crochet twist style. This is the crochet braid haistyle you pick out for your kid when you want to make her shine. The braids are long, appear quite voluminous, they aren’t heavy and very easy to manage. Isn’t that amazing! If you go for this style your kid is certain to be the star of the show.

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