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Baddie Hairstyles To Try Out In 2020

Baddie Hairstyles To Try Out In 2020

Its 2020 and self-love has never been as important as it is today. According to Psychology, we feel most content when our Real self is most close to our Ideal self. And let’s be honest, most of us girls – and some dudes – idolize those baddie Instagram models, with the perfect outfit, the perfect skin and of course, the perfect hairstyles.

It is time (for once) to not sit back and relax, but instead, its time to take the reins into our own hands and create our own perfect little world. “But how will we do that?”, you might be asking. Well, the first step is to observe a few baddie hairstyles. It is time for a little look into this crash course: Baddie Hairstyles 101.

Baddie Hairstyle #1: Double French Braids

This hairstyle is perhaps the most trendy these days. As the name explains it, it is basically two french braids, instead of one, each placed on either side of the head. Not only is this hairstyle super practical for almost all kinds of activities, but it also manages to look cute and you will definitely feel like a total baddie! What’s more is that many girls opt to sleep in these french braids, granting them the perfect beach waves in the morning.

Baddie Hairstyle #2: Space Buns

Wishing to go towards a softer, more feminine look? Well Space Buns will definitely help you here. Extremely easy to make and manage, some girls have opted to choose this baddie hairstyle as their go-to! What’s more is that because this hairstyle requires one to pull all of their up into two buns, it can easily conceal slightly greasy hair.

Baddie Hairstyle #3: Half-Up Space Buns

This baddie hairstyle is basically a fun twist on the previous one. Here, instead of taking up all the hair into two buns, the buns are made from the crown-section of the hair while the rest is let loose. This gives a really strong anime, soft and feminine vibe and works best for festivals with a bright colored hair-dye.

Baddie Hairstyle #4: Long Bob With Large Clips

This baddie hairstyle has been making quite a lot of rounds all over Instagram lately. The functionality of the hairstyle is quite simple: It is a simple long bob with a part, and a few large hair-clips placed above the ears. The catch? it works best with sleek and smooth hair.

Baddie Hairstyle #5: Sleek Pony-Tail

From the mysterious TV show, Elite, to the raw emotions displayed in Euphoria, this baddie hairstyle has captured almost everyone’s attention. It speaks popularity, sophistication and confidence. Be it a festival or a classy dinner party, this hairstyle will not disappoint you.

Baddie Hairstyle #6: Sleek Low Bun With A Part

This hairstyle frequently graces itself on the runway, worn by the classiest of models. Now, we see almost every Instagram model rocking this hairstyle. It is quite simple at first glance but can become quite tricky to handle if you find it hard to manage your hair. Nevertheless, it is a great try and will work at almost every occasion.