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Bob Haircuts Front and Back

Bob Haircuts Front and Back

Whether you want to chop your long hair off to something new and short or want to refresh the short hair that you already have. An inverted bob is your solution. This haircut features a short back and a long front, which is stylish and very flattering. Moreover, this haircut suits women of all hair types and textures. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is straight, curly, dyed or not dyed. You can get this haircut done no matter what. However, you need to find the right version of yourself to rock this look. So, we have piled up a few chic bob haircuts for women to take inspiration from. Just pick the one you like best and get it done. You will surely love your new look!

What is an Inverted Bob?

An inverted bob is a bob haircut for the front and back. It is long from the front but short from the back. Similar to the Lob, which is long at all sides though. It can be compared with an A-line bob as well, but the two styles are quite different from each other. An inverted bob is also called a graduated bob, featuring stacked layers and a tapered back. Hence the cut appears curved instead of flat. Nonetheless, this also depends on the number of layers in the hairstyle. While a lot of women get low blended stacked haircuts done, many of them prefer short hair, with layers that are more defined. In addition to that, the length difference between the front and the back is totally up to you!

Bob Haircuts Front and Back

Here are some bob haircuts front and back to take inspiration from.

Short Inverted Bob

To all the women out there who like their hair cropped, this is the perfect bob for them.

Inverted Bob with Bangs

Consider adding bangs to your bob for a bold look.

Lob for Thin Hair

Doesn’t matter if your hair is thin. You can always rock a Lob!


Curly Inverted Bob

No need to skip on the bob if your hair is curly.