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Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Black Women

Braided Half Up Half Down Hairstyles For Black Women

The African culture is vast, rich and ever so expressive. One of the most striking features of the Black culture includes luscious, thick, dark hair, often braided into different styles. Often times than not, women regardless of race, language and culture, search for new, different and exciting hairstyles to play and experiment with. After all, all of us wish to look our very best and the number one way to do so is to achieve a cute, elegant and sophisticated hairstyles.

Thus, for the Black Queens all around, we have a list of cute, trendy, elegant and sophisticated braided half up and half down hairstyles for you try. Why braided, you might ask? Well, the simple yet complicated nature of the braids adds texture, volume and a trendy vibe to the hairstyle. Mixed with the half up half down hair styling technique, your hairstyle will come forward as the best in the room! If you wish to look at a few new and exciting braided half up and half down black hairstyles, then keep on reading!

Braided Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles #1: Multiple Dutch Braided Ponytail

The first hairstyle on the list consists of multiple dutch braids which go on to become a half up ponytail. This hairstyle speaks elegance and it is perfect for occasions where you want to show that you made a little effort. Be it a cute date that you have been looking forward to, or a formal dinner with the folks, the hairstyle will help you carry your elegant and sophisticated vibe to the table for the best impressions. Moreover, this is also a great hairstyle to try at a college party perhaps, or maybe festive get-together with banging hoops!

Braided Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles #2: Cornrow Space Buns

Space buns are the most chic hairstyle this season! Pair it with cornrows, and you will be ready to take on the world! Curl up your luscious flow-y waves, throw on your cute top, that one pair of jeans just waiting in your closet, some cool hair accessories and you’re ready to go. Perfect for girls looking to dive head-first into the Coachella vibes, this hairstyle includes all the right amount of trendy and sophistication.

Braided Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyles #3: Crochet Half Bun

Wish for a hip vibe? Well the Crochet half bun is the hairstyle made just for you! This hairstyle includes some major pros and hardly any cons. You will look like an earthly bliss and give off the vibes of a sunflower field. This hairstyle can’t get any cuter if paired with a clothed headband.

Braided Half Up Half Down Black Hairstyle #4: French Braided Half Bun

This last hairstyle on the list is another great one to wear. Made up of braids, it includes multiple french braids at the top of the head which further extend into a luscious bun. If you have a casual day out coming with your friends, then we recommend for you to give this piece of art a try!