Cornrow Bun Hairstyles That You Should Take A Look At Today!

Cornrow Bun Hairstyles That You Should Take A Look At Today!

One of the most stunning hairstyles in the Black culture to date are cornrows. Kids rock them, women rock them and even men rock them. They are easy to handle and look stunningly beautiful, without a doubt. Apart from their obvious beauty, they also hold a cultural and historical significance, which is why for every Black person, Cornrows aren’t just a mere hairstyle or trend.

Like cornrows, buns are also a hairstyle which has been around almost since the beginning of time. It is easy to manage and keeps all the hair away from the face and neck, which is why it is also quite favored. Combining the two of the most elegant hairstyles, cornrows and buns, we are left with a stunning and exceptionally striking masterpiece of a hairstyle. This combo is so exceedingly gorgeous that it is bound to make more than a few heads turn your way, should you choose to wear it. Thus, for you today, we have a list of quite beautiful and popular cornrow bun hairstyles which you are guaranteed to adore and love.

Cornrow Bun Hairstyles #1: The Classic High Cornrow Bun

This hairstyle is quite popular with the ladies and packs in itself a vibe of high class, sophistication and above all, elegance. While many women choose to wear this hairstyle for casual occasions, it is also suitable for formal or fancy ones with the right earrings. The high bun element to this cornrow bun hairstyle adds to the illusion of an elongated neck, which is perceived to be quite elegant. With this hairstyle, be sure to stand straight and face the world with confidence.

Cornrow Bun Hairstyle #2: The Goldilocks Bun

We have previously mentioned how the color gold, in combination with browns and blacks on a warm tone person brings forward an ethereal glow. Its a concept based on the color theory, which is why we can guarantee that adding in gold weaves to your cornrows will bring forward a delightful and ethereal glow. This hairstyle is not only classy but it is exceedingly trendy as well. You can pair it with large gold hoops for maximum effect!

Cornrow Bun Hairstyles #3: Low Buns

This hairstyle is suitable on girls of all ages. Be it a little girl or a women, anyone can rock this stunning and utterly gorgeous take on the cornrow bun hairstyle. In order to achieve this, you simply have to make two coiled buns closely linked together. It is easy to replicate but the final look is totally stunning!

Cornrow Bun Hairstyles #4: The Thick And Thin Combo

Through thick or through thin, this hairstyle will support you no matter the occasion. Comprised of both thick and thin braids, this hairstyle holds all the texture and definition that you were after. With this technique you can go for the low or the high bun.

Cornrow Bun Hairstyles #5: The Classic Low Bun

The classic low cornrow bun hairstyle is the most elegant one in our list. It screams class and a communicates a highly sophisticated taste. We recommend you to only use this hairstyle for formal occasions.