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Cute Hairstyles For African American Little Girls To Try Out This Season

Cute Hairstyles For African American Little Girls To Try Out This Season

We want the best and the cutest of all hairstyles when it comes to our little girls. After all, every little girl, in the process of discovering herself, deserves to feel pretty and like the star of the show. However, when it comes to styling the natural hair of African american little girls, many parents find the prospects to be challenging. Well, it turns out that styling your little girl’s hair isn’t actually hard at all. If you too are searching for some cute and easy African American little girl hairstyles then keep on reading.

As promised, we have tried our best to keep this list for natural hair exclusively, as our little girls should be proud of their culture and race by learning to appreciate its beauty from a very young age. Following are a few African American little girl hairstyles that you can try out today!

African American Little Girl Hairstyle #1: Sleek Ponytail With An Afro Puff

Personally, we find this little black girl hairstyle to be the cutest. It packs a soft, cute and pretty energy which every little girl should feel deep in her bones. Moreover, it is perhaps the easiest to make. Simply, comb all of the hair back into a sleek pony-tail and ta-da, you’re done! Adding a cloth headband will only amplify the cuteness!

African American Little Girl Hairstyles #2: Space Buns

Its 2020 and space buns have never been as trendy since perhaps the Sailor Moon days. Women and little girls of all ages and race are rocking this hairstyle. Simply, part the hair into two sections and make two buns on either side of the head. Make sure that the buns are placed above the ear.

African American Little Girl Hairstyles #3: Half-Up Space Buns

This African American little girl hairstyle is just a simple twist on the previously mentioned hairstyle. Instead of taking all the hair up into the buns, the hair is sectioned from the high-parts of the eyebrows from which the buns are made. The rest of the hair is left lose in its natural and beautiful form. Moreover, your little girl might really appreciate the addition of a clip or two.

African American Little Girl Hairstyles #4: Afro Puff Pig-Tails

Simply the cutest hairstyle a little girl can wear is two pig-tails with her natural Afro puff. This works best for girls with short hair. Moreover, it is also one of those hairstyles where soft headbands or cute clips will work wonders and your little girl can walk out into the world full of love and confidence.

African American Little Girl Hairstyles #5: Box-Braids And Two Buns

For when your little girl is feeling a little fancy, take out your comb kit and all your essentials to bring this masterpiece to life! Box-braids on either sides of the head, coming together as braided buns is probably the go-to for many mothers on fancy days.

African American Little Girl Hairstyles #6: Combed Back With A Headband

For an overload of cuteness, simply comb back your girl’s hair halfway on the top of her head and add in a cute headband!