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Glorious Bohemian Braids Hairstyles

Glorious Bohemian Braids Hairstyles

Different hairstyles come and go, according to trend. However, there are some hairstyles which just never fall out of style. These hairstyles are generally elegant, classy, sophisticated and stunning. One of the most beautiful examples of these hairstyles is the Bohemian Braids, particularly in the Black culture.

The African women do not come slow when it comes to the most elegant hairstyles. Bohemian Braids are quite popular among the Black community as they display a sense of sophistication which perhaps no other hairstyle can carry. But what are Bohemian Braids? Well, they are box braids but are paired with curly and undone ends. This duo of box braids and undone ends brings forward the volume majority of the people are after, but eradicates the weight of the braids that the classic box braids would carry. Thus, the result is a classy sort of messy hairstyle with an A+ on volume. Listed below are a few Bohemian braids hairstyles for you to try out!

Bohemian Braids Hairstyles #1: The Classic Bohemian Braids

The Classics hold a different sort of class to them entirely. They never run out of style, even if the different variation of the hairstyle does. If you are afraid that you might not be able to pull of a hairstyle which includes a few twists, tricks, and trinkets, then the Classic Bohemian braids hairstyle is the one for you! Wear it at a casual occasion or an extremely formal one, you will do great!

Bohemian Braids Hairstyles #2: The Princess Part

This hairstyle calls out to all the girls who are looking to display a more soft, feminine energy instead of the bold, baddie one. It is simply parting the Bohemian braids and softly securing it to the side with pins. Not only will the soft part add to the soft energy you have been searching for, but it will also add volume around your face, if that is what you need. Add in a few trinkets like a pearly hair pin or a gold leaf tiara and you’re ready to pull off this ethereal look of your dreams.

Bohemian Braids Hairstyles #3: The Top Bun

Alongside bohemian braids hairstyles, the bun hairstyles also never go out of style. For those baddies who are searching for a simple yet coachella vibe hairstyle, then this one is for you. Simply making a bun at the top of your head can give you casual and funky look that you’re after. Pair this hairstyle with chunky glitter-y make-up and you’re Coachella ready. However, if you wish to keep it casual then simply ditch the trinkets and the glitter, for a more every-day look.

Bohemian Braids Hairstyles #4: Gold Cuffs And Beads

You can turn your whole look magical by simply adding a few gold cuffs, beads or strings to your Bohemian braids. It is simple yet sophisticated enough to demand attention!

Bohemian Braids Hairstyles #5: Goldilocks

This hairstyle is the crown for all the baddies all around. With the gold weaves braided together, the change of color adds definition, texture and volume to the braids, bringing forward a stunning look!