Half Braided Half Down Hairstyles For Black Girl

Half Braided Half Down Hairstyles For Black Girl

Let’s face it, braids truly are one of the most superior hairstyles. Not only are they easy to handle, they are stunningly beautiful to look at as well. With their many different types of twists and turns, braids achieve a fuller, more textured and detailed look which is undeniably classy and elegant.

When it comes to black hair, braids aren’t just a hairstyle anymore…instead, they are a culture. The Black culture has highly influenced the concept of braids as we know it, and the different kinds of braids even hold a historical importance. Today, we see countless of black women all around the globe trying on different kinds of braided hairstyles which never fail to make them look utterly beautiful and ethereal. Thus, for you today, we have a list of half braided half down black hairstyles. This list is comprised of the best and the most trendy hairstyles and it is guaranteed to help you choose the next hairstyle of your dreams. Without further ado, lets dive into the list!

Half Braided Half Down Black Hairstyles #1: Space Buns

The first hairstyle in the list of half braided half down black hairstyles is seemingly simple. However, once the look is completed, it never fails to look devastatingly beautiful despite its nature twists. Inspired by the Coachella culture, this hairstyle is quite trendy, funky and chic. Pair it with a glorious set of hoops, glitter eye-shadow, combat boots and you’re good to go. It is also suitable for an every-day casual look.

Half Braided Half Down Black Hairstyles #2: The Chic Cornrow And Curls Duo

This next hairstyle on the list is the definition of what it means to be a baddie. Its hot, bold, yet sophisticated and classy. If you are someone who can handle being the star of the show or the center of the attention, then this hairstyle is for you. This half braided half down black hairstyle speaks Alpha female and will make your enemies bow down to your cool and badass vibe. Unfortunately, this hairstyle is not suitable for your every-day casual look. Instead, opt for this beauty on special formal occasions or a party that you have really been looking forward to.

Half Braided Half Down Black Hairstyles #3: Half Up Cornrow Bun

One of the most beautiful and sophisticated hairstyles on our list is the Half up cornrow bun. It is stunning and utterly classy and is bound to make more than a few heads turn your way. If you wish to go the extra mile, add in a few trinkets like a string or gold cuffs and beads. However, even without the trinkets, this hairstyle is utterly gorgeous.

Half Braided Half Down Black Hairstyles #4: Bohemian Braids And Bun Combo

There are some hairstyles which just quite frankly demand attention. If you pass by someone in the room with these particular hairstyles, then you will be sure to do a double take as they are exceedingly ethereal. The Bohemian braids combined with a bun is one of these hairstyles that you should definitely try.