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High Bun Hairstyles For The Ultimate Work-From-Home Look

High Bun Hairstyles For The Ultimate Work-From-Home Look

In 2020, due to the pandemic and its related worldwide lock-down, it’s all about working from home. Be in your job as a teacher, a student, website designer, taking care of your business or attending meetings, almost everything is being conducted through our laptop screens from the comfort of our homes. However, due to the increasing hot weather and the chores, women all around struggle to find high bun hairstyles that are not only easy, but look professional as well.

Thus, for you today, we have come up with a list of quick, easy, effortless yet breathtaking high bun hairstyles. You can wear them to your virtual meetings or even pull them off working around the house, the choices are endless. Its true, if we look good, we feel good as well. In these trying times, its important to constantly work on and keep our mental health in check. Without further ado, lets dive head-first into the list of high bun hairstyles.

High Bun Hairstyles #1: The Upside Down Braided Hairstyle

The first high bun hairstyle on our list is the upside down braided hairstyle. Just like Stranger Things, this hairstyle is exciting and not at all like your regular high bun. Instead, this includes a surprise braid at the back of your head. This hairstyle is cute and looks quite refreshing to the eye. Whats more is that due to its easy and quick nature, you won’t struggle with replicating this hairstyle. Wear it while lazying around the house with your favorite book or log into your online classes with this put-together look, the choice is yours!

High Bun Hairstyles #2: The Classic Messy Bun

Messy buns are the ultimate favorite for the majority of women. Gone are the days when ladies aimed to have clean, prime and proper hairstyles, instead, today our culture is leaning more towards being casual and comfortable. The perfect messy bun only has one single trick to stick to: aim for it to not be perfect. Its easy to replicate and you will find yourself going back to this hairstyle almost every single day!

High Bun Hairstyles #3: The Scrunchie High Bun

Scrunchies are coming back into the trend with full force. Each day, it feels more like the 1980’s. Worn by quite a lot of influences, the high bun hairstyle with the added scrunchie looks cute, effortless and gorgeously breathtaking. Consider wearing this look to lunch once the global threat goes away for good.

High Bun Hairstyles #4: High Bun With Fringes/Bangs

This next hairstyle is for girls and women who wish to add a little oomph to their hairstyles. Are you someone who finds your hairstyle too dull? Do you also wish to have some cute fringes or bangs to frame your face? Then head over to YouTube and get yourself a cute and easy fringe cute to go with your high bun hairstyle! However, before you pick up the scissors, be sure to carefully observe the YouTube tutorial and remember not to cut too high!