Mens Long hairstyles

Long Hairstyle for Men 2019

Long Hairstyle for Men 2019

Long and Loose hairstyle trends are growing by the years. There are many new best long hairstyles that they can style, like never seen before.

If you guys remember, it was all about growing it out or leaving it to a medium length last year. However, this trend is continuing as more boys are trying out new hairstyles every day.

There are tons of ways you can wear your long hair these days. You can either grow your hair out to one length entirely or grow it only at the top. While keeping the sides and the back of your hair short and clean with a cool fade. Other than the classic slick and undercut, fringe cuts and styles are also becoming very famous.

Planning on opting for a long hairstyle. We have piled up plenty of hairstyles for you to take inspiration from. Here are some of the fashionable long hairstyles!

Best Long Hairstyles for Men

A lot of men have this fear that long hair comes with a lot of dedication towards maintaining it and styling a look. However, that is not true. A lot of long hairstyles require very little upkeep. The main challenge for long hair for men is the patience of letting it grow out. If you are patient and have the time and discipline to wait till it reaches the right length, your hair can look great with very little effort. Although there is another option as well, which is a long hair fade. In this hairstyle, you get your sides faded and leave your hair medium to long at the top.

Unlike the faux hawk, it does not require a lot of effort to style long hair. It doesn’t even require a lot of product. All you need is a hair tie and you can easily rock a classy, semi-formal look. You can even use a little bit of hair wax if you want to, to prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

Long Hairstyles for Men 2019



Shoulder Length

Man Bun

Long Side Part Hair

Top Knot