How To Crochet Hair – An Easy Guide

The Not So Difficulty Of Crochet Hair

Crocheting hair is not a difficult process. Although it may seem like it right now, when you are first starting of. Don’t worry and don’t become afraid after watching countless Youtube videos and DIY tutorials. Some of them are overly complicated and have no head or tail. To make life easy for you and dispense the hassle here are a few easy steps to help you on your way to crocheting hair.

How To Crochet Hair In A Few Easy Steps

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Step 1: Protect Your Natural Hair

The first step on how to crochet hair, is to properly protect and maintain your natural hair. Remember to properly shampoo your hair, rinse out all the suds, and then carefully condition your hair. After you repeat the careful rinsing process once again and your hair is nice and smooth, take some hair moisturizer and apply it your scalp, roots and the ends of your hair. Make sure that your hair is properly moisturized and then dry off. Your hair is now ready for the crocheting process.

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Step 2: Cornrow Time

After you are done with washing and drying your hair, it is time to pull them up into cornrows. Make sure these cornrows are tightly bound and completely wrapped around your scalp. Not a hair should be out of place or else the crochet hair look will not look as good as it should.

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Step 3: Needle And Threads Are A Must Have

Take a needle and loop a cotton thread through it. Make sureĀ  that the cotton thread matches your natural hair color. Take the threaded needle and loop through your crochet braid and tie a knot at the end.

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Step 4: Time To Crochet

Now take your crochet braid and carefully tied it with the help of the needle to the ends of your hair natural hair and cornrow. Pull the needle taut until the crochet braid is firmly attached, tie a knot and secure it. Make sure that you repeat this process carefully and gradually all around your head and hair until the crochet brads are perfectly attached.

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Step 5: Check Your Work

After you are done make sure to check your work. After all you would not want all your hard work to go to waste. It’s important to recheck your knots for any loose ends. Once you are sure that your work has been done to perfection, you are ready to hit the town with your new hairdo.

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