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4 Beautiful Crochet Twist Hairstyles For A Good Day Out

What Is So Good About Crochet Twist Hair?

We know all about how great crochet hair is. How it can turn our thin wispy hair, into voluminous, gorgeous and magnificent strands maneuvered into a gorgeous style. There are so many styles that you can try out but there is one style that has recently made a come back. The crochet twist hair is on top again. It was popular in the 90’s and then the hype died down but it is back with a bang.

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Here Are Some Crochet Twist Hairstyles You Should Try Out

Crochet twist hair sounds like a hairstyle in of its self. But there are so many crochet twist hairstyles that you can’t even imagine. Here are a few of the top tier styles that are quite famous right now.

1. Layered Medium Crochet Twist Hair

Get some medium length crochet twist hair and layer them into your hair. This sexy style is perfect for a hot summers day, add some funky hair accessory and you’re ready to go.

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2. Senegalese Crochet Twist Hair

If you have short hair but you are in the mood to have long hair, try out this new style. The Senegalese style crochet twists are long and beautiful. These crochet twists are both both protective of your natural hair and are also absolutely beautiful.

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3. Jumbo Crochet Twists

These jumbo crochet twists, although look really gorgeous can be quite hard to handle. If you have made the decision to make this style in your hair, be sure that you are ready to dedicate 4 to 6 hours of your time to this hairstyle. Beauty takes time and in this case the time is worth it.

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4. Crochet Twists With A Combination Of Cornrows

If you want to go the extra mile with your crochet twist hairstyle, add some cornrows in. The visible cornrows, paired with the crochet twists will certainly set you apart from the crowd.

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