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The Best Weave Hairstyles For Your Kid!

The Best Weave Hairstyles For Your Kid!

As a parent of a little girl, you are always stuck in a cycle of finding the perfect hairstyle, over-using it and then dedicating hours into finding a new look for your warrior princess. And often times, the new perfect hairstyle that we do manage to find is not suitable for the length or mass of our kid’s hair. However, weaves are a thing and they are here to save the day.

Following is a list of a variety of cute and classy weave hairstyles for kids. Not only weaves look cute, but they are quite versatile as well, since you can make up a variety of hairstyles using it. Thus, whichever hairstyle your little girl wants, now it can be possible.

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #1: Sleek Pony-Tail

This hairstyle is the simplest on the list and yet, it is also the cutest. This easy hairstyle can become your go-to for when you are running late yet your daughter still wants to look pretty for the day. Simply pull the hair back into a sleek pony-tail with the added weave, to make it longer, thicker and more luscious than ever!

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #2: Space Buns

This hairstyle has become a new trend, following the popularity of Coachella. Girls of all ages and hair textures enjoy this pretty and cute hairstyle. What’s more is that this hairstyle is pretty easy to make. As some kids like to keep their hair short, space buns can become a difficult task. However, with the weaves in, anything is possible!

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #3: French Braids

Whenever in doubt, French it up. Every little girl loves wearing her hair in braids. With the weaves in, your girl can rock long, thick and luscious french braids. What’s more is that you won’t even have to worry about the braids coming undone, since the weaves in place will keep them extra secure.

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #4: A Princess Bun

Little girls, more often than not, imagine themselves as princesses or Queens of some far away Kingdom. Well, let’s help our little girl in their pretend play by going the extra mile and creating an elegant, neat and beautiful bun a-top their head. After all, all little girls deserve to feel the confidence of a real Queen in order to grow up to be strong women.

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #5: Golden Locks

You might have seen many African American girls and women rocking this hairstyle in all their golden beauty. Well, the good news is that your little golden beauty can rock this hairstyle as well by simply braiding in golden weaves. You can even later style these braids into other hairstyles.

Weave Hairstyles For Kids #6: The Classic Cornrow

When it comes to weaves, how can we go without mentioning the classic Cornrows? Choosing weaves in the shade of your daughter’s natural hair color, you can get her hair braided into the ever so luscious cornrows of any length. For kids, we recommend a neat bob!