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The Coolest Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles

The Coolest Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles

Trendy since the ancient days of Africa, Cornrows hold a significant cultural value among the African community. They are glorious, luscious and purely elegant. However, their specialty does not solely lie in their perceived elegant, but rather in their knack of being incredibly friendly with an easy lifestyle.

For some African women, hair is a force best left unchallenged. It is unruly, unmanageable and takes a good chunk of their time each day. However, through the magic of cornrows, they are able to get up each morning with the perfect hairstyle without having to even spare it a running second. What’s more is that it is also one of the top protective hairstyles, i.e. women who are tired of using a gazillion products and heating tools in their hair opt for cornrows in order to give their hair the protective break that they need. Following are some of our top picked ponytail cornrow hairstyles that you should try out!

Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles #1: Braids With Cuff Beads


Cuff beads are quite famous for their perceived elegance and sophistication. When added to the cornrow braids, it can give off a trendy vibe. With this new-found energy of sophistication, you can walk out into the world with your ever-growing confidence. The cornrow ponytail will only add to the baddie vibe that you got there, Queen!

Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles #2: Small Simple Cornrow Ponytail

After all, the classic never runs out of style. This is the simple small cornrow hairstyle which is 100% foolproof. You are guaranteed to look your best and even feel your best with this hairstyle. Hold your luscious cornrow braids up into a ponytail and viola! You’re ready! For an extra oomph into your already luscious hairstyle, add in a cool cloth retro-styled headband or some funky clips!

Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles #3: Large Cornrow With Decorative Rubber Bands

This one is for all them Instagram baddies who prefer to stand out in a crowd and shine. If you too wish to feel like the star of the show then pop on some large, thick cornrows and get a few decorative rubber bands added in as well. This way, your ponytail will get the extra oomph that you had been searching for. What’s more is that this hairstyle can not only be rocked in casual situations, but rather you can pull it off during formal occasions as well. Since the decorative rubber bands are elegant and not funky, it is suitable for almost all occasions.

Ponytail Cornrow Hairstyles #4: Goldilocks Cornrow Ponytail

This is by far the one which hairstyle which slaps mega baddie vibes. Wish to be the coolest chick on the block? Take a look at this hairstyle. Complete with the ombre illusion, this hairstyle speaks healthy glow, yoga pants, crop tops and large hoops. Maybe a fierce eyeliner wouldn’t hurt as well? Rocking this hairstyle will give you a confidence boost that you didn’t know you needed.

Whichever hairstyle you do end up choosing, one thing is for sure, you will rock it!