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The Cutest Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads, At Your Service!

The Cutest Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads, At Your Service!

Hello there, all the mamas and papas around the world! While your little girl is a human version of sunshine and sunflowers, things can tend to get a little hectic when it comes to styling her hair. Most little girls are picky when it comes to their hairstyle as they want something which is:

a) trendy

b) princess-y, and

c) ultra cute

More than often, it becomes quite a challenge to find a hairstyle which ticks all three of the boxes. When you manage to find a cute and trendy hairstyle, it is usually not princess-y enough. And when it is princess-y, it isn’t trendy enough. However, today, we have for you a solution. Provided is a list of little girl braided hairstyles which are not only cute and trendy, but princess-y as well! You will never have to go another day stressing about which hairstyle you should choose for your girl today. If you wish to equip yourself with this important knowledge, then keep on reading!

Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads #1: Cornrow Pigtails With White Beads

The first little girl braided hairstyle with beads is a casual one which your daughter is guaranteed to love. It works great for casual, every-day occasions like school, play dates, etc. It is simple enough to replicate within minutes, yet striking enough to capture the heart of your daughter. She will surely come back to this hairstyle again and again! You can even try experimenting with multi-colored beads, if that’s your daughter’s style. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended!

Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads #2: Beaded Fringes

Who doesn’t love fringes? No one! They are especially highly loved and adored by little girls around the world. They have the tendency to make your little girl feel cute, trendy, princess-y and special! It has all the elements and is a kid-favorite. You can choose this hairstyle for your little girl for formal occasions like parties or dinner out with the family. What’s more is that you can choose the beads matching the color of your girl’s dress for an extra dose of cuteness!

Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads #3: The Beads And The Bows

Heard that your little girl is insisting for a royal hairstyle which is not only cute but ultra princess-y as well? Are you, as a royal subject, totally clueless on which hairstyle you should pick? Well, let us spare you the stress and homework by offering you this treasure of a hairstyle. It is cute, it speaks princess and it has bows which are trendy. Perfect to wear for wedding ceremonies, this hairstyle is all that your little girl has been wishing for and more!

Little Girl Braided Hairstyles With Beads #4: The Golden Beads/Cuffs

This hairstyle is for the little girls who prefer trendy over princess-y. Designed for the little baddies in training, this hairstyle, complete with the gold beads/cuffs is bound to make your little girl feel confident, special and strikingly beautiful!