The Easiest Way To DIY Your Crochet Hair…

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Crochet hair is all the rage nowadays. Celebrities and civilians alike want to have the best of the best Crochet hairstyles. But not all of these people have the means or the money to go to a salon every other month. So why not DIY it? After all, all you need is a crochet needle for hair, crochet hair and some cotton thread. If you have these things handy then you are set. If you don’t have a crochet needle for hair handy then it is best if you go out an buy one.

Crocheting Made Easy With Crochet Needles For Hair

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Crocheting your hair yourself might sound extremely difficult but in reality it is not. You just need to be careful of a few things and the rest is smooth sailings once you get the hang of the process. First and foremost you must make sure that your natural hair is washed, shampooed, conditioned and moisturized properly before pulled up into tight braids around your scalp.

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After you are done with the braids take a cotton thread in the color of your crochet hair and loop it around the loose ends and the braids of your natural hair. Lastly take your trusty crochet needle, pull a cotton thread with a looped crochet hair through the needle and then tuck the needle under your braid and pull it through. Make sure to properly knot the thread so that the crochet hair is sewn in perfectly. Let the crochet needle out and begin the process again.

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Keep repeating this process until you have a head of hair which was the exact copy of what you wanted. Once that is achieved double check your knots, tie up any loose ends and voila you are ready. In the end all you need to do is take a few selfies and safely put away your crochet needle for your hair until the next time.