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The Most Ethereal Red Weave Hairstyles

The Most Ethereal Red Weave Hairstyles

Some hairstyles are good, some are just plain bad and some steal the whole show. However, there exists a fourth category of hairstyles which only include the hairstyles that are just plain ethereal. These hairstyles deserve to be worn with confidence and poise only found in baddies with a personality of a Goddess. The number 1 in this category of hairstyles? Red weave hairstyles.

The color red is daunting, alluring, challenging, confident and short, it is one of the most bold colors that you can wear. Red weave hairstyles, in a gist, give you a level of sexy that was previously only possible for Jessica Rabbit to own. Thus, here we have a list of red weave hairstyles which you can try out and enable yourself to step out into the world with a new-found sexiness!

Red Weave Hairstyles #1: The Classic Jessica Rabbit

The first Red Weave Hairstyle on our list is the classic Jessica Rabbit. Its bold, its sexy and above all, it speaks confidence. Whats more is that in order to achieve this hairstyle, you will not need to dive into some complicated twists and braids, but rather, some glorious bouncy curls will do you the trick. Pair this hairstyle up with some heavy glitter eyes and you are good to go, Queen!

Red Weave Hairstyle #2: Braided Top Bun

This Red Weave Hairstyle is for them baddies who wish to go for a more casual look with no compromise on their bold and confident vibe. In order to achieve this ethereal hairstyle, simply section a part of your hairstyle on the top of your head and begin braiding it. Once you reach the crown of your head, stop braiding and turn the leftover chunk of hair into a cute top bun. This hairstyle takes between 5 to 10 minutes and looks super cute.

Red Weave Hairstyle #3: Side French Braid

Looking for the perfect romantic dinner hairstyle for your red weaves? Well, the side french braid will be your best friend. Being simple enough to replicate, this hairstyle is the go-to. The most alluring quality of this red weave hairstyle is that while it looks extremely sexy, it also packs in a cute, soft energy, thus bringing out the optimal amount of sexy plus feminine vibe.

Red Weave Hairstyle #4: Duo Dutch Braids

This hairstyle is the Queen of back-to-school hairstyles. It is simple to replicate and has a knack of holding itself in place for a long period. With a maximum of 10 minutes, you can achieve this hairstyle and go about your day in the utmost confidence. What’s more is that you can even finish it off with a ponytail instead of letting your weaves flow.

Red Weave Hairstyles #5: The Little Mermaid

This hairstyle packs in itself the softest and most alluring vibe. Reminding all those who see of The Little Mermaid, this hairstyle is perfect for those baddies who know that they deserve to be treated like the obvious princesses they are!