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The Perfect Baby Braid Hairstyles For Short Hair!

The Perfect Baby Braid Hairstyles For Short Hair!

It is true that braids are a superior hairstyle, which remain trendy all year round and never retire. Apart from being incredibly trendy and chic, they are quite versatile as well, since there exists a million different kinds of braided hairstyles. The person can choose to go simple or over-board with their braids, according to their taste and occasion. However useful, there seems to exist a misunderstanding among people regarding short hair and braids, i.e. people believe that they cannot braid their hair if they do not have enough length. Well, turns out that they are mistaken as the world of Baby Braid Hairstyles if quite vast on its own.

As we take a step into the new Instagram trends involving a retro themed fashion, chic hairstyles and core colors, we can simultaneously observe people leaning more towards shorter hair, and therefore, providing us with the cutest baby braid hairstyles. So, if you wish to experiment with your newly cut hair, then keep on reading!

Baby Braids Hairstyle #1: The Classic Baby Braids

You can never go wrong with a classic! The classic baby braids hairstyle is the simple two braid hanging low on either sides of your face. This hairstyle is best suited for casual occasions. You can even go big by adding a cute headband to go with your chic vibe.

Baby Braids Hairstyle #2: Messy Braided Crown

The Messy Braided Crown is another classic baby braids hairstyle. This hairstyle speaks elegance, sophistication and is guaranteed to make you feel cute, pretty and special. It is a half up-do that you can wear on both casual and formal occasions. It is best suited with beach waves or a light curl and what’s more is that this hairstyle is quite easy to recreate.

Baby Braids Hairstyle #3: Double Dutch/Double French Pigtails

This hairstyle is the trend. It speaks Coachella and is bound to make you feel like the Instagram model that you are! Pop on a paid of sunglasses with that cute, chic top that you have been dying to wear, and go out int the world with the new-found confidence. Side tip: if kept overnight, this hairstyle can give you the most glorious beach waves in the morning.

Baby Braids Hairstyle #4: Side-French Braided Ponytail

This is the little oomph that you have been searching for to really up your ponytail game. Gone are the bland ponytail days and welcome in the spiced up ponytail days. Be it a casual hangout or an everyday school hairstyle, you can rock this new look with whatever you choose to wear.

Baby Braids Hairstyle #5: Waterfall Braid

Move over long-haired lasses, us short-haired girls can rock this time-less look as well! A quick trip to YouTube will equip you with all the information that you need in order to recreate this look. It is easy, versatile and breathtakingly beautiful. Works best with a light curl or beach waves. Recreate this look the next time you have a cutesy date to go to and an equally cutesy boy to impress.