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The Perfect Quick And Easy Weave Bob Hairstyles

The Perfect Quick And Easy Weave Bob Hairstyles

With every new decade comes a new wave of popular and trendy hairstyles that speak volumes about the era and the general fashion sense. For 2020, it is our observation that the general population is leaning towards cute and sexy bob hairstyles. Not only are bob hairstyles cute and trendy, but they are also infinitely times easier to manage. You can go from fairy-princess-cute to smoking-hot depending upon the styling of a bob. Thus, we have here for you a collection of quick weave bob hairstyles.

Why weave? Because for some of us, our natural hair texture or our natural hair mass just does not cut it for the type of hairstyle that we are after. However, with the invention of a weave, now every hairstyle is within our grasp. Not only are weaves an easy-fix, but they are quite versatile as well since you can use them to make a variety of hairstyles. Thus, following are some of the best quick weave bob hairstyles that are just waiting to be tried out!

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle #1: Undercut Bob

This hairstyles speaks 6-inch heels, red lipstick and a fierce eyeliner. Use this look to slay all your enemies. Worried about the volume? Well, lets add in a simple weave and we are good to go. Curl or straighten it, you will end up looking hot and drop-dead gorgeous either way.

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle #2: Undercut Braid

A level up from the previous one in terms of skill and time: undercut braids. For some reason, this hairstyle’s cuteness or hotness is solely determined by the outfit that you’re wearing. If you are going for a hot and sexy look, this hairstyle will provide you exactly that. On the other hand, if you are going for a cute and pretty look, this hairstyle will comply! You can even add some hair accessories if you wish to go the extra mile.

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle #3: Short Asymmetrical Bob

This hairstyle is perhaps the most trendy in the Black Community. African American women all around have been trying this hairstyle and let us confirm that they look confident, fierce and absolutely gorgeous. With the weave, you would not even have to worry about the decreased volume and you can walk out into the world with an unmatched air of confidence.

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle #4: Blunt Cut Bob

For women who love a good angled hairstyle, matching their fierce walk of confidence. This hairstyle is the GOAT when it comes to bob hairstyles. However, it does require maintenance as the look can only come to life if your hair is perfectly straightened. However, due to the magic of the weaves, you will not have to worry about damaging your hair through the straightening iron.

Quick Weave Hairstyle #5: Inverted Bob

This hairstyle took social media by a storm the first time it came around. Today, its affect is no different. This complex cut will be your best friend regardless of how you choose to style it.

Quick Weave Hairstyle #6: Half-Up Space Buns

And for the cutest hairstyle, simply put half your hair up in two buns. The weave will make sure that your created buns are voluminous and luscious.